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Hi, this is a first for us, but hey, maybe more if it was satisfied. My partner and I have been together shufuni a long time and often have many rooms to talk about her being bi -curious and ever try this, etc, etc, always said that and of course I love her lol , but always thought nothing had happened, how many couples out there, I guess we had to try an exotic vacation for a month to do it and I tried and that both could easily have not lost the bottle when needed. Then for a little last year, after the usual Christmas and New Year and fun things for the family came home at 8 pm New Year's Day and was trying to make fun of the shufuni way to home, maybe a little fun dogging, had no idea what I'm talking about but then again I do not really lol, shufuni after arriving home, I went to the PC, more and I found this website listed some sites soon close and asked them if they want to have a chance at some point I morand that surprised when I said what NOW ! Well, should not pass up an opportunity like this, so shufuni we agreed to go for it, dressed in my favorite Rail Black stockings, high heels and a nice low cut above shows just right.... Well, I can look very tarty some women on this team and there's nothing wrong with that is my partner, but one of these women, these can be run as almost normal daily life, that broke our hearts do not beat really know what lol expect, there was much talk of us doing this and I feel very boldly stated in our newfound hobby lol only 30 minutes when we got in the first place, there was nothing to wait about an hour almost hope, but nothing not a soul ! ! Not deterred, we went to another place and all the same, but frost ! We thought we would try the last pages, and when we arrived it was full of cars and people shufuni running through the woods, of course, a good time, butIt was one thing soon became clear, they were all gay shufuni men lol, damn it, we think, and soon shufuni the car running again and it was twice as fast as we arrived lol. Persevere and play, but there was nothing he had built as soon as we got home screen put here for advice. We have some answers soon, and agreed to a couple for a drink and chat, to us, as we were advised to go through our imagination to do justice to kill again in a very daring clothes including socks and wearing high heels again I was shufuni so nervous but excited about what we are doing. so long story short, we hit it off immediately when we met and went with them to dogging is a favorite, who showed us some regulars around us who knew her, but accomplished nothing grabbed us and we soon feel a bit flat new. was so cold up there in the forest, my friend got in the car with the girls and other coupleswere eliminated, while chatting guys out there looking around and suddenly pushed me to say good standing is to see something when he laughed and said he is not in the car ' look at the couple, look at this 'I looked and could not believe my eyes. The girls kiss and I'm sorry ! Wow, I thought, and watched with a mixture of lust and jealousy mixed, soon more and we all looked a little uncomfortable with the other, soon were shufuni told that the issue is not really dogging us and we went to make our way home also said something about going back and asked us to take a drink, as it was in our kind of stuff, and who refuse to do it? Soon we were there at home, and after a few drinks and very warm welcome, we are in a game where you undress us in our underwear over, the women looked fantastic to my shufuni partner at their best in all it seemed more pure -stockings heels bra and panties is not at this timethe other girl went to stay up stockings and nothing else, it's just a girl of 25, in which both only 40, but were told in good shape. strip and soon lost and it was not long before the girls were in some hot lesbian sex. Licking sucking each other in a way that we were in front of us kids were sitting back naked as the day it was born just hope dreamed at the time lol not shufuni just for wanting access to ruin everything that was, but soon found ourselves in through want things with tails, lick her pussy sucked by the girls, fantastic rounded breasts sucking, etc. was so nice to be part of it and it felt so natural after all this time for her or something will happen. We have a few hours and that some time ago that the exchange was not complete on the cards, but we enjoyed so many other things, the absence. Still very good friends of the couple, but as so on, all we have a new ad, askingg for more lol you have a good time last year, there were so many people, but only play with which we feel good.. The only catch is ! Now we really want what only a little more, I'm dying to see it taken from men and women, she is happy, but try it yet so not sure if she could cope was me actually penetrating a woman were ready, even trying, but we have found again at the point where we started lol, it is possible that shufuni a couple, go to the end, but not others? I would like to take out of it, so full, but not the other woman, but I'd hate anyone to feel left lol. Dilemma or simply stupid to believe it's possible? Any advise you not to hesitate to contact us! Announcement No. 155 185
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